Sharples offers CNC Milling with the capability to cut plastics, composites, wood, aluminum and rigid foam core. Our experienced operators ensure that every job is produced to your exact specifications. Every job is previewed by our CAD department and nested to maximize the best material yield. Our stringent quality control systems ensure every job is made to your exact specifications.   

· Large work area

· Custom Parts Made from Samples, Cad Files, Prints, or Sketches

· Quick Turnarounds

· Small or Large runs

· Post Machining Inspection with 100% Inspection Reports Available

· Laser and Water-jet cutting also available

Acrylic milled part Acrylic milled part
Acrylic parts with identification Acrylic parts with identification
Foam core part Foam core part
Milled pockets in lasercut board Milled pockets in lasercut board
Milling pockets in aluminum Milling pockets in aluminum
Poly Polypropylene Poly Polypropylene