Sharples can cut all types of metal within a close tolerance. Cutting materials that are stainless steel, aluminum, or steel is easily achieved with the speed and accuracy of the laser. Sharples can also laser-cut steel up to 3/8”, stainless up to 1/4", and thin aluminum burr-free, with minimum heat-affected zone. With our dedicated metal-cutting laser, we can guarantee clean and accurate finished pieces.

Other lasercutting of wood and some plastics is also available. Whether it is a series of finished parts, templates or tooling Sharples can laser cut small complex details that would either be impossible or extremely expensive to cut with conventional tooling. We can also scribe your parts for reference.

· Minimum heat affected zone

· Clean accurate parts, Burr free

· Better alternative to machining

· Some material in-house

· Multiple Shifts and Machines

· Quick Turnarounds

· CNC Milling and Waterjet cutting also available

aluminum gaskets Aluminum gaskets
Gears lasercutting Gears lasercutting
High quantity quick turnaround High quantity quick turnaround
Stainless steel components Stainless steel components
Stainless steel lasercut Dino Stainless steel lasercut Dino